STEM for Britain 2021

On March 1st 2021, I presented my work to the Houses of UK Parliament as a finalist of the STEM for Britain 2021 contest. My work entitled "A monkey model of auditory scene analysis: How does the brain solve the 'cocktail party problem'?" was presented in the Biological and Biomedical Sciences category.

Here is my presentation:


On July 10th 2019, I graduated from Newcastle University, UK with a PhD in Auditory Neuroscience. Here is my interaction with Pro Vice Chancellor Prof David Burn on stage.

3 Minute Thesis

I was a finalist of 3MT - Three Minute Thesis contest held at Newcastle University on June 5th 2019.

Doctoral Award

On 25th April 2019, I received ā€œHonorable Mentionā€ in 2019 Doctoral Research Awards under ā€˜Natural and Life Sciencesā€™ category across all UK PhD students awarded by ABTA.


Thesis Defended

On October 25th 2018, I successfully defended my Neuroscience PhD thesis titled "A primate model of human cortical analysis of auditory objects".