My Publications

  • Sukhbinder Kumar, Pradeep Dheerendra, Mercede Erfanian, Ester Benzaquén, Willam Sedley, Phillip Gander, Meher Lad, Doris-Eva Bamiou, Timothy Griffiths, "The motor basis for Misophonia", Journal of Neuroscience, vol. 41 (26), pp. 5762-5770, 2021 (pdf)

  • Felix Schneider*, Pradeep Dheerendra*, Fabien Balezeau, Michael Ortiz-Rios, Yukiko Kikuchi, Christopher I Petkov, Alexander Thiele, Timothy D Griffiths, “Auditory figure-ground analysis in rostral belt and parabelt of the macaque monkey”, Scientific Reports, vol. 8, pp. 17948, Dec 2018 (*equal first authors) (pdf)

  • Pradeep Dheerendra, Nicholas M Lynch, Joeseph Crutwell, Mark O Cunningham, Tom V Smulders, “In-vitro characterization of gamma oscillations in the hippocampal formation of the domestic chick”, European Journal of Neuroscience, vol. 48(8), pp. 2807-15, 2018 (pdf)

  • Colline Poirier, Simon Baumann, Pradeep Dheerendra, Olivier Joly, David Hunter, Fabien Balezeau, Li Sun, Adrian Rees, Christopher I Petkov, Alexander Thiele, Timothy D Griffiths, “Auditory motion specific mechanisms in the monkey brain”, PLOS Biology, vol. 15 (5), 2017 (pdf)

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  • Pradeep Dheerendra, S Kumar, Y Shigihara, TD Griffiths, "Dynamics underlying auditory working memory", Advances and Perspectives in Auditory Neuroscience (APAN), Oct 2020 (pdf)

  • Pradeep Dheerendra, S Baumann, O Joly, F Balezeau, A Thiele, TD Griffiths, “Species differences in the cortical analysis of auditory time windows in primates”, Society for Neuroscience annual meeting, Oct 2019, Chicago (pdf)

  • Pradeep Dheerendra, N Barascud, T Overath, TD Griffiths, “Dynamics underlying the detection of auditory object boundary”, Basic Auditory Science meeting, Sep 2019, London (pdf)

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  • "Dynamics underlying auditory object boundary detection and segregation", Neural Dynamics Forum, University of Bristol, 12 Jun 2020

  • "A monkey model of human auditory scene analysis", North East Post Graduate Conference, Newcastle, 22 Nov 2019 (pdf)

  • "How does the brain solve the cocktail party problem?", 3-Minute Thesis contest, Newcastle Univ. Finals, 5 Jun 2019

  • "Comparison of brain bases for auditory figure-ground analysis in macaques and humans", Wellcome Centre for Neuroimaging, UCL, 4 Jul 2016

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  • Pradeep D, “Audio on ARM Cortex-M Processors”, Information Quarterly Magazine, Vol. 9(3), pp. 38-42, 2010 (pdf)

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