Array Signal Processing

During my undergraduate (B.Tech) 4-year program on Electronics and Communication Engineering at National Institute of Technology Trichy (NITT) India, I worked on the topic of array signal processing in my final year dissertation project.

My project was titled: Simulations and Comparative Study of Beamforming Algorithms for Wireless Applications.

During this project, I tackled couple of interesting problems related to Direction Of Arrival (DOA) estimation algorithms that were published in conference proceedings after my graduation.

Performance of Non-Uniform Sensor spacing

In antenna arrays, non-uniformly placing elements with spacing being more than the minimum required reduces the total number of elements compared to uniform spacing case. However, how does this reduction in the degrees of freedom impact the accuracy of the direction-of-arrival (DOA) estimation?

I showed that non-uniform sensor spacing (with lesser number of sensors) has similar or better (accuracy) performance for Direction of Arrival estimation than uniform sensor spacing with the same array length.

Uniform sensor spacing

Non-uniform sensor spacing

Here is my talk summarising this work


Here is the peer reviewed paper

Reference: Pradeep D, Sumit Saraogi, Palanisamy P, Kalyanasundaram N, "Performance evaluation of non-uniform sensor spacing in a linear array configuration for MUSIC algorithm", IEEE International Conference on Signal and Image Processing (ICSIP), vol.2, pp 1053-7, Dec 2006, Hubli, India


Root Propagator algorithm

I proposed a new algorithm titled Root propagator for direction of arrival estimation that married the computational efficiency of performing root decomposition for locating peaks in spatial spectrum with propagator which evades eigenvalue decomposition of input covariance matrix. Thus I proposed an efficient DOA estimation algorithm with comparable accuracy and resolving power.

Here is the peer-reviewed conference publication

Reference: Pradeep D, Sumit Saraogi, "A Root extension to Propagator Algorithm for Source Bearing Estimation", IEEE International Conference on Electronics Engineering and Signal Processing, May 2011, Maldives