During my brief stint with the clinical neurology department, I worked on epilepsy condition to understand ictogenesis and seizure termination.

Background cortical synchrony

Our research found enhanced background synchrony in patients with epilepsy. This we speculate this might be the reason for increased chances of spontaneous seizure generation in such patients with epilepsy.

Here is my peer reviewed journal paper


Sleep and seizure

Our research indicates that cortical synchrony increases in delta band during non rapid eye movement (non-REM) sleep stage; further cortical synchrony increases in alpha band when awake. We speculate on the role of cortical synchrony in epileptic seizure generation during sleep.

Here is my peer reviewed paper:


Antiepileptic medications

Our research found that cortical synchrony changes with stages of sleep in patients with epilepsy. This work also suggest that the antiepileptic medications accomplishes seizure termination by inhibiting cortical synchrony.

Here is my peer reviewed journal paper